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Hitachi Communication Technologies America


Hitachi offers a full complement of services to support our communications solutions. We recognize that different types of customers have varying support needs, and we offer services accordingly. We can provide pre-sale services such as fiber optic network characterization, pre-installation support such as applications and equipment interoperability testing, training for system installation and operation, and a full spectrum of technical support services to support the network in all phases.

Technical Support

Hitachi provides best-in-class technical support for all products. Our technical support labs are fully equipped to quickly diagnose and solve any network problem, and our technical support engineers are highly experienced in the product and network categories they represent.


Hitachi CTA Solutions Partners are instrumental in ensuring that we offer class-leading solutions in multiple markets with the fastest time-to-market possible.

Data Center Networking Solutions Partners

Hitachi CTA partners with Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) to provide advanced, high-speed networking of data centers.

For access to Hitachi CTA Data Center Networking Solutions Partner resources, please click here.

SuperJ Applications Environment Solutions Partners

The Hitachi SuperJ Applications Environment provides a deployment platform for rapidly developing markets in machine-to-machine communications, service provider applications, telehealth applications, and electric vehicle charging management systems.

For access to Hitachi SuperJ Solutions Partner resources, please click here.

picture : Introducing Hitachi's Environmental Activities

Introducing Hitachi's Environmental Activities